Announcement: Past And The Present Status Of The Healthcare Administration Salary Are Vital To Career Planning

Any career move needs a concerted focus and plan. It is obvious that you will choose according to your flair. If a particular line of activity happens to be your cup of tea, then in the future you will inevitably turn out to be a success. But there are other parameters to consider. In the course of planning, you ought to consider both the long, as well as a short-term prospect of gain. Incentives, and the prospect it offers for growth, flexibility and development should also feature on your list of priorities.


Evaluating the future in addition to the past and present

So, when you consider the look and prospects of the Healthcare administration salary, you cannot afford to overlook the other relevant angles. The market finds itself in a state of volatility. The point merits consideration. In view of this, it is necessary to consider both the current as well as the future scenario. It is not enough that you feel you can grow and prosper with a career in this particular field. There are other equations to solve, as well. For example, you should consider what the salary outlook is going to be in ten years time from now, and how it was in the past couple of years.

Reviewing and analyzing are vitally necessary

Only then will a healthcare administration degree serve its purpose. It is necessary that you initiate your moves wisely. The base of launching has to be firm and rock-solid with the supportive back-up of evidence. In this context, it is worth mentioning that you have reasons to consider the present, as well as the speculative analysis of the BLS. The bureau has vital clues to provide about the aforementioned area of expertise. Unless you acquire a degree that has the credential of the state’s certifying agency, you will fail to make your mark. So, before embarking upon your academic choices, it is preferable to go through the top-rated universities and colleges-ones renowned for offering masters, bachelors and doctoral orientations in healthcare administration.


Time to Know more about a Phlebotomist Job, Salary and Career Growth


Phlebotomists perform a very important job, because they are in charge of drawing blood for any tests or transfusions at hospitals, emergency medical centers and doctor’s offices. Whenever someone comes to donate blood, have it drawn for a transfusion or to get a blood test, it is the phlebotomist that is put in charge of taking their blood. It is very important for a professional expert to complete these drawings, because hospitals and medical centers do not want to put patients through any pain or risk of infection through improper blood drawing techniques.

For those who are interested in becoming a phlebotomist, you may want to learn more about the job description of this career. While it does seem like a relatively simple job, it is important to get the right type of education and certificates to ensure you are eligible to work at hospitals or doctors’ offices. No hospital or medical center will hire a phlebotomist who does not have the proper certificates and qualifications to practice in their respective state. And each state has their own laws and regulations regarding the number of practice hours and coursework you need to complete before sitting your exam and gaining your certificate.

One of the good things about this profession is how you do not have to complete any general medical degrees. Even if you have not gone to undergraduate college, you can always join a specialized phlebotomy program with the intention of learning about this job. The phlebotomy will prepare professionals for the environments such as medical labs, blood donor centers, doctors’ offices and hospitals. The idea is to take what you have learned and to apply it to any of these situations, because there are all types of centers around the country that need phlebotomists.

When we look at the median income, we see that phlebotomists earned around $30,000 per year in 2015. This was the median pay, which means you can expect to earn more or less depending on where you live. As a general rule, the median pays are higher for major cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago or San Francisco. If you live in a smaller town or city in the mid-west, you may find a pay of around $30,000 or lower. But you will also face lower living costs in those areas, so the tradeoff is not such an issue.

Another reason so many people are interested in phlebotomy is because of how the career is growing. With so many new medical centers and test centers popping up around the country, the demand for a phlebotomy professional is greater than ever before. It is estimated that the change between 2004 to 2014 in terms of phlebotomy is expected to be around 25 percent. This is far higher than the national average in the United States, and the raw numbers are around 30,000 new individuals getting jobs in the field within the ten-year span of time. So if you are interested in phlebotomy, now is the time to act!


Tips to Secure a Job in the Legal Sector

Whether you are a new graduate of law school or a freshly minted paralegal you are no doubt proud and ready to start working within the field of law. However, graduating with a degree or certification is not always enough to get you instantly hired into a law firm. In fact, many people find that it actually takes a bit more time than expected to find the perfect job. Before you start to panic, you may want to read through these tips to secure a job in the legal sector. By proactively taking these steps you can help ensure a bit more luck when it comes to finding a position.

First of all, you should take any chances to intern as you complete your education that you can. Many people only start looking for internships their senior year of law school, however, you can improve your chances by applying for internships at law firms any chance you get. The worst that can happen is that you get turned down because you are too young yet, but the best is more experience that you can add to your resume. Additionally, the more places you intern the more people you get to know within the legal field and this can help you find a position later.

Building off that thought, you should utilise your social networks when it comes to finding a position in the legal sector. Keep a little black book of everyone you know that you have clerked for, interned for, served coffee too, or simply just chatted with in the hallway of the courthouse or university conference rooms. You never know which person is going to know someone looking for a new lawyer or paralegal. You also never know which person will end up being the ideal reference to get you a job so it’s to maintain a stellar list of people you have met and worked with within the legal sector.

Finally, you should immediately call up a recruitment agency and let them know that you are looking for a job in the legal sector and want placed. The top benefit from using a recruitment agency is that they already know who is hiring and you do not. They can get you into places that you would never about for interviews, and the sheer amount of open spots and head hunting action can help you get a job within weeks instead of months. Therefore, if you are ready to work now you should call a recruitment agency that is well acknowledged in your community and let them do their magic.

Taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine Abroad

When you think about studying medicine abroad, you might have one question plaguing you. The question is, “Why?” Your parents and other advisors may name some valid reasons, saying it will be rewarding for your career or look nice on your CV. Although these are valid points, above all you should consider how transferrable your foreign medical degree will be. Most students who want to take a medical degree from a foreign country do not do background research on this essential point before searching for colleges. Some countries, such as the Russian Federation, have a closed system and their medical degree will not be valid in Asia, Europe or the Americas. Likewise, the United States might not recognize a European medical degree, and vice versa.

Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad

Studying medicine is intense but studying abroad has its own benefits. The first benefit is that you will go to a new country and have a new outlook which is essential for medical students. Yes there will be challenges with the language and culture but they will later become advantages. A second benefit is that there may be many scholarship options especially designed for foreign students. These scholarships can help you bear the financial burden. Loans by banks and financial institutions can also make it easier to study abroad rather than in your home country. And a third benefit is that studying abroad will give you exposure to a different culture which will make you a more open person.

Medical professional

Online research is necessary to find out the facts and figures you need to choose a medical school abroad. The website is one portal where you can get all the information you need in one place. The first thing is to look out for a medical field that is in demand. Friends, more experience advisors and specialized counsellors can help you with this aspect. For instance, if you are looking to specialize in surgery, then consulting a surgeon who has the experience abroad can help. The location of study is another aspect which has to be considered. Financial considerations may help guide you to the location. Medical studies in Britain are often most sought after, but they can be one of the most expensive. Taking a refresher course as per the needs of the country where you will enroll as a student will make life there easier for you.

What to Consider for a Degree Abroad?

Once you decide the location college and the field of study you want to pursue you will need to consider a few important things. The most important things to consider are (A) Study the culture and language of the location – Learning about the culture is crucial to be able to gel with the local students. English will help you manage most situations but trying to learn the local language will add to your skills and enhance your experience. (B) Get updated with a bridge course – Different countries have different learning styles and pre-requisites. Taking a bridge course will help you get to the same level as others.

After taking care of the cultural studies language and the refresher course to update yourself you will need to know about the rules and regulations governing the university. You can talk to your counsellor or you could call the consulate in that country. Online information is also available but only trust the official websites. One of the most critical laws you need to be aware is whether you can work while studying. If on a student visa you will be able to work only part-time in most countries.

Traveling to the college is the next step. The first thing to consider is the type of visa you will need. Some courses require a student visa specifically while in some cases a regular visa will do. You need to find this out before enrolling to avoid any last minute surprises. Also make sure to fill in your visa application carefully to avoid rejection due to typo errors. The second important aspect is accommodation. Generally a bachelor’s degree comes with campus accommodation for foreign students but in cases where this is not available you will need to search for a place to stay.

Studying medicine abroad

Career after a Bachelor in Medicine

The medical field generally requires a Masters to get a good paying job but you can also have a lucrative career with a bachelor’s degree. Here are some options: (1) Organ Transplant Coordinator – Organ transplanting is a booming field at the moment. The job of an Organ Transplant Coordinator is critical in this field as it involves pre-transplant workups. The starting salary of a professional is close to $75 000. (2) Medical Perfusionist – With most surgery being done by machines the role of technicians is becoming very important. This is the job of a Medical Perfusionist who gets a salary close to $100000.

(3) Clinical Trial Manager – Current drug therapies owe their success to clinical trials and people with Bachelor’s degree in Medicine can work in the field. The experience will also help later when you will go for Masters. Clinical Trial Managers earn a salary close to $90000. (4) Physiotherapist – Rehabilitation of broken or displaced limbs comes under pre or post-operative care. The work of a physiotherapist is to reduce pain in the limbs by movement of the limbs after an operation. The salary of a Physiotherapist is close to $80000. (5) Radiology/ Diagnostics – Almost every medical practice requires diagnostics which includes interpreting X-Ray images ultrasound and MRIs. After completing your Bachelor’s in Medicine you could join this field. While being employed you will be able to get nice cues from your seniors in reading the data from these images. If you later decide to advance your career as a specialist surgeon or physician this knowledge will come in handy.

Medical Professional with a Degree from Abroad

You will understand the world better after taking a degree away from home. Political boundaries do not matter for medical professionals. You can go and serve people all over the world especially if you have foreign experience. The foreign experience will help you grow as a person and help you develop critical skills. One of the most critical skill is quick decision making which is an essential skill in the medical profession: a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Also the ability to understand the cultural differences will help you connect with the patient. A good medical professional is one who can connect mentally with people of all ages. If you want to continue with a medical career you may want to consider taking a Masters.

4 Reasons to Take AP Courses in High School

High school is intended to prepare young students for college in a variety of ways. First and foremost, students are taught and tested academically. However, high school can also provide teens with an opportunity to discover their academic strengths and what they enjoy, hopefully leading to a fulfilling career path.

As it turns out, however, students have opportunities to prep for college during their time in high school that they might not even be aware of. According to a study released by The College Board in 2014, hundreds of thousands of high school students who qualify for AP courses aren’t taking them.



Perhaps they simply don’t understand the benefits inherent to taking advanced placement courses. Here are just a few advantages to be gained by enrolling in AP classes in high school.

  1. Increase GPA

As every student knows, letter grades earned for courses equate to a numerical grade point average (GPA). An A is worth 4.0, a B is worth 3.0, and so on. Because AP courses are more difficult than average high school classwork, the grades are weighted differently.

An A earned in an AP class is worth 5.0, a B is worth 4.0, and so on. This means that students who want to exceed a 4.0 could do so. Or students that didn’t earn the best grades freshman and sophomore year could boost their GPA prior to college applications by taking AP courses during their junior and senior years, just for example.

  1. Impress College Admissions Boards

Competition for college admissions seems to increase every year, making it harder and harder for even outstanding students to get accepted to their top choice schools. The good news is that AP courses can provide a competitive edge.

Not only can AP classes help to boost GPA, but they also show college admissions boards that students are ready to face the rigors of more difficult, college level coursework. Applicants that have AP courses on their transcripts are more attractive candidates for admission.

  1. Earn College Credit Early

One of the very best reasons to take AP high school courses is that they can do double duty, fulfilling needed high school credits while also serving as college credit for certain general education requirements. You will have to pay to take an exam if you want to test out of college level classes, but the cost is low compared to what you might pay in tuition for the same class in college.

Going this route can not only save money, but also time. Student that test out of introductory level college courses and earn credit for them in high school have a better chance of graduating on time or even early.

  1. Prepare for College Coursework

Whether students apply to Harvard University or Sarah Lawrence College or they plan to take courses through AU Online, chances are college classes are going to be a lot more intensive than high school coursework. Students that take AP classes in high school will be better prepared to deal with the demands of college courses and succeed.

Keeping Staff Happy & Healthy


Image Source: Flickr

A happy employee is a productive employee, which is why taking a few measures to keep your employees contented and healthy is a good idea for any small business owner who wants to keep things running smoothly. The following are just a few simple changes or investments that you can consider making in your business, to keep your employees happily chugging along. They will be pleased that you are considering their needs and feel valued. In return, they will tend to work harder for you, offering you an improved bottom line, and the satisfaction of knowing that your business really is helping to change lives.


First of all, you need to acknowledge your staff on a regular basis. This includes more than just having a Christmas party every year, because a token action such as this is expected. It means paying attention to birthdays and special occasions within the workplace, and then honouring them with gifts and feedback. Personally written cards can go a long way towards telling someone just how much you appreciate their contribution within the workplace, and will only cost you a couple of pounds and a few minutes. A regular employee award ceremony or an appreciation dinner, is another great way for small businesses to make sure that everyone knows they are valued.

Health & Wellbeing

Secondly, you need to think about the health of your workers. A healthy worker is much more productive simply because they are not continually taking sick days. Backaches, migraines, and more, really do account for a large percentage of work absences, and all of these can be linked to poor health. You can help show your employees you care about their health, and also help spur them to take action if they have a health issue, by installing the Health Kiosk in the workplace. This handy interactive device can instantly offer employees feedback on a lot of health issues including blood pressure, body mass index, muscle weight, bone mass, oxygen, hydration, and more.


Third, you need to make sure that you are taking care of employees’ health within the workplace. Poor working conditions can not only make someone ill, but they can also make them miserable while they are at work. Noise pollution, temperature, security, and safety issues are all things that you need to address on a regular basis, to make sure that your employees are safe. All it takes is one accident to compromise the integrity of the workplace, so make sure that all safety regulations are in place at all times.


Finally, you need to be transparent and have an open and clear communication path between you and your employees at all times. Several outlets have reported over time that transparency is the number one way to keep employees happy. While everyone likes a good pay-cheque, being kept informed about the direction in which a company is heading is a valuable bonus. It is simple to create an open dialogue between management and employees, especially in a small business setting. It allows them to feel as if they are part of the company, as they should. In return, they will want to work with a sense of pride.

How to Find Your Dream Chef Job

Do you dream of working in a restaurant? Have you always wanted a job in the culinary world? Do you want to turn your passion for cooking into a career? If you want to have a successful career in the culinary industry, it’s important to take the necessary steps. It isn’t enough anymore to just apply for a job on the line and work your way up, or even to graduate from culinary school. Finding your dream chef job takes dedication and perseverance, and an understanding of how the culinary world works in terms of jobs and career paths.

Challenges of the Job Market

The hospitality industry can be difficult for both job seekers and employers. Because of the odd hours chefs work, it can be hard for employers to schedule interviews. Additionally, it can be tough for employers to find qualified chefs. If the whole recruitment process is based on help wanted ads and stacks of applications, there’s a high chance of a restaurant hiring the wrong candidate and of the right candidates never getting the chance to apply or interview. In short, traditional recruitment methods that may work well in other industries often have unsatisfactory results in the hospitality industry.


Finding Alternative Solutions

The good news is that there are new ways to connect qualified chefs with recruiters and potential employers. The internet is a great tool, especially for enabling communication between employers and candidates. With email, messaging, and even video conferencing, it’s much easier to communicate back and forth, even at the odd hours that chefs keep. The internet also gives chefs more tools to showcase their skills and qualifications.

One great option is to look for chef jobs at The website is designed to allow employers and candidates to connect directly, making the recruitment process easier for both parties. Essentially, it’s a members-only site that allows employers access to a pool of qualified candidates, and allows chefs access to a reliable source of job opportunities.

Make Your Profile Stand Out

While the internet does make communication between chefs and employers easier, it’s still important for you – the chef – to make a good impression on potential employers. Spend the time to make sure your CV is accurate, complete, and error-free. An online profile also gives you the option of presenting potential employers with a photograph and possibly a personal mission statement or career objective. It’s important that your profile is a high-quality, professional image and that your stated objective is specific and understandable.

You may also want to consider adding a video of yourself cooking. Many chefs nowadays use YouTube or similar social media platforms to create and upload short cooking videos. This can be a great way to showcase your skills to potential employers. Additionally, if you are able to cultivate a loyal following on social media, it can be a good sign to your employer that you are capable of bringing business to the restaurant.

There will always be challenges when you are looking for jobs, especially in the catering or hospitality industries. However, with the internet and new networking tools, it’s easier for qualified chefs to find and apply for amazing job opportunities.

8 Reasons To Get Certified as a Medical Assistant


Medical assistants are one of the most sought professional people these days, and it might be in your best interest to become one. Why is working as a medical assistant such a great idea? Here are 8 good things to consider when you look at find out becoming MA in Virginia.

  1. You can join the health care industry without having to get extensive training. Although there are courses you have to take to be certified as a medical assistant, it’s not the same time commitment to education and money spent on said education as it takes to be a nurse or a doctor.
  2. Being a medical assistant is a great way to get right into practice without having to wait for there to be a doctor or nurse opening at a hospital. Rather than competing against people who have degrees in their fields, you will be able to find a plethora of different jobs where you can make a difference for people and get working right away.
  3. The need for health care professionals is growing as the baby boomer generation ages and needs more care, and as such, there are more and more spots opening for medical assistants to work. Especially for young people, becoming a medical assistant is an increasingly viable option whereas in other industries the market has become fully saturated.
  4. A lot of skills are transferrable to the position of medical assistant, so you can get into it from all sorts of different life backgrounds. If you are detail oriented and have done data entry, for example, you can apply it to the job of medical assistance with no difficulty.
  5. You can get your entire medical assistant certification online. There are legitimate programs that you can work through to obtain the certificate from the comfort of your own home, and that way you can very easily work the training into your schedule before you change career paths all together.
  6. Being a medical assistant is good for people who are interested in potentially going into nursing but who want to try out the work first. Rather than sitting through years of training only to maybe find the workforce to be something that you’re not that into, you can get hands-on experience right away and see if hospital work is right for you.
  7. Medical assistants can work in a lot of places other than hospitals and clinics, so you can choose all sorts of places to work.
  8. By being a medical assistant, you will get to make a hugely positive impact on the lives of community members who need it the most. Although the work may not always be the most glamorous that there is, it is still very fulfilling – much more so that a boring old desk job.

Hopefully, these are some of the things you’ve been seeking to find out. Becoming MA in Virginia is a great job, and it is definitely worth looking into if you are thinking about it.


It’s No Longer Easy ForDebt Collection Agencies To Auto-Sue Borrowers

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has recently warned debt collection agencies against illegal collection operations. CFPB ordered 2 of these agencies using an automated lawsuit generator to stop their illegal debt collection process.


Debt Collection Agencies Vs. Borrowers

According to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Pressler and Pressler, LLP, and New Century Financial Services, Inc., have often used unconvincingand false evidence against people to threaten them with lawsuits. These are a law firm and a debt buyer, respectively.


According to CFPB Director Richard Cordray, Pressler and Pressler, LLP for years has filed lawsuits to collect debts for New Century Financial Services, Inc. In fact, these debts might be nonexistent or even not verified. Debt collectors, who are acting this way, violate the law and the public trust. The CFPB will go on protecting debt borrowers’ rights.


On Lawsuits Filed Levied by Pressler and Pressler

Given the current situation in the debt collection industry, merchants should turn only to a reputable payment processor in the field like eMerchantBroker (EMB) for a collection agency merchant account. is the right option for debt collection merchants, regardless of their credit history.


EMB specializes in providing collection agency merchant accounts and is the #1 high-risk merchant account provider in the US. EMB offers the best services tailored to your business needs and the lowest possible rates to merchants of all types.


The lawsuits levied by Pressler and Pressler, LLP were said to be supposedly generated by an automated system that was left unsupervised by a lawyer. The support staff responsible for this spent not more than 30 seconds on each piece to verify the lawsuit claims.


According to the CFPB, these high-volume lawsuits violated the Dodd-Frank Act on the following points – false or empty allegations about the debts of consumers;harassment with unsubstantiated court filings; and filing lawsuits based on poor information. The civil penalties imposed for the case counted for $2.5 – $1 million regarding the law firm. As for the debt buyer, the penalty made up $1.5 million.

Choose Norway for your doctorate studies

If you are planning to undertake your doctorate studies and receive a PhD qualification, Norway is not a country that will figure significantly in your research. However, the reality is that, like many other countries in Europe, Norway offers fantastic academic programs and educational schemes for both EU students as well as international students hailing from different continents.

Norway has been consistently ranked as one of the best countries to live in, with regard to the standards of living and government services. Norway has embraced a very modern outlook, where they offer free education to any and all students. As a consequence of this, it is not uncommon to find Norwegians continuing to study throughout their professional careers. Many academic institutions in Norway offer internationally recognized courses with full accreditation by the European University Accreditation Commission at the Doctorate level.

Where in Norway Can I Study?

While Norway is known for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, if you are looking for the finest academic program, your ideal destination would be the capital of Norway, Oslo. Alternatively, if you are in search of town with a greater student population, the town of Trondheim may also be an option that you will wish to consider. If you are a fan of the rural culture and the countryside, there is also the region of Svalbard. Doctoral programs are offered by several state and private universities within the country.

What Am I Able To Study?

Choosing to pursue doctorate level studies is not a decision that one will make lightly. After all, once you have finished your higher education, you will need to find a job where you will be able to apply the skills that you have learnt at the university level. Norway is a country that heavily funds research and innovation across a range of sectors. Several state and private colleges offer a number of excellent doctoral accredited programs relating to the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Some of these programs are also highly specialized.

If you are looking to continue living in Norway once you have completed your doctorate studies, it is likely that you will want to choose a discipline that thrives within the country. Norway is particularly known for its development and research in fields of marine research, medicine and health, communication, biotechnology, nanotechnology, material science, and energy.

What is the Ph.D program like?

Typically, a Ph.D program in Norway will span around three years. The PhD program is very research-oriented and is offered in two distinct forms. An ‘organized’ PhD program consists of a training and preparation component that is equivalent to approximately 30 ECTS, as well as a dissertation component. If a dissertation meets international standards and gains approval, you will be required to defend your research at an academic debate. There is also a ‘free’ Doctorate of Philosophy program which comes with no training and external supervision. In many cases, it is also possible to find four year PhD programs that allow students to teach. Visit for more education tips and ideas.

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